1. juankamq

    Worklog My attempt at making a gamecube portable

    I know, I know. A wii is better and all that... I have about 3 gamecubes with a broken laser, 1 dol 001 and 2 101. I built a really really bad gamecube portable back in 2011 I think, when the modretro forums were still alive and it came so crappy that I didn't forget it. Anyways here I am 12...
  2. CrashBash

    MGC 2023

    MGC already came and went. 2-3 days of hanging out with your portabilizing bros, drinking, eating, and modding. Wide shot of our room this year after the event closed down BitBuilt after dark ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) My psychologist: "Mega Gameboy Advanced can't hurt you" Mega Gameboy Advanced: This...