1. RDNoob26

    G-boy spare PCBs anyone?

    Hello my people, I am planning to rebuild my G-boy portable I made about 1 year ago but this time using the right tools and parts, with a more quality cooling and case in general. So I'm wondering if any of you have some spare PCB for the front and back buttons, as well as for the speakers...
  2. XsunaTera66

    Anyone got a spare g-boy kit?

    Yeah despite my best efforts i am unable to find all the parts needed for a portable of any kind. If anyone is willing to sell me a g-boy kit i will pay handsomely (as soon as i sell some cpus and gpus) or if you can provide links to each and every part that would also be greatly appreciated. Im...
  3. Hey_Alexa

    G-Boy: Reloaded / My First Portable

    Hello all! I'm super excited to finally start working on a portable Wii! :D I got inspired 2 years ago after watching LTT's video on the G-Boy. Now that I finally have a disposable income and an unsuspecting Wii, I can start on this project! Unfortunately, after rediscovering the G-Boy Kits and...
  4. Velocity_Art

    Worklog Ashida starting out

    Hey all, I've recently gotten my hands on an old Wii (it was thrown down the stairs and donated, pretty sure it still works), and I want to start on doing a G-Boy Ashdia project, I'm just having trouble finding a good starting point/most up to date guide, especially for my predicament already...
  5. Debbie

    Clear Shell with insert brass screw

    Hi friend, i print G-Boy in clear resin via SLA 3D pritning, have a look, do you like this clear shell? it is insert brass screws:if you are interested to this, we can show you more details:
  6. MrNicolaZenk

    Looking for G-Boy rev3

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a G-Boy rev3. I would pay up to $1000. If someone wants to get rid of one, you can contact me. Thanks ;)
  7. Xenon

    Solved did I break my trimmed Wii?

    I started the trim yesterday and haven't done anything besides the cut. While I was doing that a part of my motherboards traces on the edge got cut and I am not sure if it is necessary or unimportant. I will include a picture but I am not sure if I should start again or keep going. Any...
  8. CalebPikmin

    Yellow G-Boy

    This is the Yellow G-Boy! I did not build this but G-Man himself made it for me (later on with some more experience I will try it myself, but for now I really wanted to get my hands on one!). Thank you G-Man!!! I really like the yellow switch lite and wanted one just like it :)! Also I might...
  9. How does the G-Boy work with games that use the wiimote

    I’ve been wondering about this for awhile now cause I’ve been really hoping once I build a G-Boy I could play games like Mario Galaxy