1. Goodie175

    Question Weird Screen Artifacts...

    So I finished my N64 portable a while ago and noticed it had strange lines in the bottom left of the screen... I thought maybe it needed the low pass video filter redone as I am using composite out. So I added a 75ohm resistor and the 47pf capacitor from the trimmed off part of the motherboard...
  2. Benge

    Question OverBoost the Nintendo Switch

    I'm on a project of boosting a Switch to the max with upgraded cooling (so no temp issue B|). So I use a V2 (Mariko), since it consume and heat less and the GPU can theoretically go to higher clock than the V1 (Erista). I'm on latest FMW (16.0.0) and latest Atmosphere For OC I use...
  3. fibbef

    Super Notendo

    After conceiving of this project nearly 5 years ago, I'm pleased to finally present the Super Notendo! Originally titled the "Notendo Toggle" when I started my worklog, I changed the name and reserved the "Toggle" moniker for another project. The video more or less explains it all, but the...
  4. LRFPV

    Worklog Wii Motion++ (RetroPie+Raspberry Pi+Wiimote)

    Hello, this is my first thread; so if I seem a bit out of place...I'm still learning haha! This is a little project I call Wii Motion++ It's a Raspberry Pi running RetroPie and a 1.3 inch LCD shoved into a Wii Remote. Fully functional buttons (D-pad, 1, 2, A, B, and yes, even the power button...
  5. cryssyboo_

    Worklog NEP (Nintendo Entertainment Portable)

    This project seems more doable than the UDS, and as there is a RND thread for the Wii U going on currently, I have decided to put the UDS on hold for a much easier project. This is going to be a portable NES made out of an NES top loader, due to its small form factor. As the about section on my...
  6. Bakuku

    Custom Gamecube Memorycards (Gore!)

    Whats up everybody, Long time no post. I’ve been commissioned recently to create two Gamecube memorycards in the same style as the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller (the awkward collectors item). I have to say I’m really glad how they turned up. It was also my first Airbrush commission...
  7. Hecmac

    Question DSi questions

    Im planning out a project and have some questions regarding the DSi and DSi XL. My project is to make a 'DS Pro' with USB C charging, Bluetooth audio and better speakers. To fit these, the shell will have a wider profile, featuring horizontally adjacent screens and grips for improved comfort...
  8. TropicPug

    Worklog Beginner Project - The Wii ToU

    Hi all, I’ve been looking into portablising for a long time and have finally decided to give it a shot! My plan is to fit a Wii portable into a Wii u gamepad with original buttons and the batteries to be stored externally with a 3D printed mount. I hope this worklog can be helpful more...
  9. noycebru

    Worklog Custom gamecube tops

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I'm in the process of designing new gamecube tops and I wanted to share what I've created so far. I was also wondering if you had any fun ideas, or if anyone has made anything similar? My inspiration to make these was the original xbox concept case that...
  10. Nold

    Model [Guide / Release] Noldendo Wii Miicro

    Hi folks, today i'm happy to finally present to you my Wii Micro aka "Miicro" Project! About this project The goal of this project was to use as less additional components as possible and make most of them 3d printable. Also it recycles a lot of the Wii's mainboard and used the stock...
  11. Aaron Miller

    Question How will the Nintendo leak affect things?

    For those of you who haven't heard, there was a recent leak of some Nintendo stuff that apparently includes everything from N64 tech demos to the very source code of the Wii itself. If you search "Nintendo Leak," you'll be bombarded with news stories about it. Reportedly, the ~3GB of info that...
  12. DeoNaught

    Switch lite~

    Howdy, I'm lookin for about $210 plus shipping, Comes with Zelda: links awakening, and a usb c cable to a cable
  13. br3compactor

    Commission - Custom console WI64?

    Hello! I've been looking for a console modder to comission for a custom console. The vague concept: Basically a trimmed Wii + trimmed N64. Why: The Wii can run most older consoles well with emulation, however the N64 emulation is still struggling. Considering that me and my friends still play...
  14. Hecmac

    Worklog Gameboy Lite Build

    I've wanted to shove a DS into a Gameboy for ages so I decided I might as well just do it. For planned features it's gonna have: Large battery, either 8000 or 12000mah Fast charging with USB c compatibility USB out to charge other devices Leds and El lighting, sound reactive and maybe RGB...
  15. MomSpaghetti

    Solved PAM8803

    Hello everyone, I've been making a n64 portable lately and im in the stage of pre-trim, I have a problem of no audio. i made a picture using paint below, I'm using the PAM8803 mini Class D amp. with 2x 8Ohm speakers. Are my connections right? Or is it the fact that the 8Ohm speakers are...
  16. Question Is it possible to slim a wiiu mainboard?

    Hi guys and gals, is there any potential way to slim down a wiiu mainboard? I have quite a good project in mind but I don't trust myself to slim a board (tried with a Wii once, got close but killed it in the end lol) Id imagine the biggest issue is the lack of proper software such as...
  17. KamenSqwirl

    Question "GameGirl" GameBoy Color Screen Protector

    Hi all, So, I'm looking into modding (just a shell and button replacement) a GBC to give to my niece. And I wanted to make it a 'GameGirl', rather than a Gameboy. Of course, I cant find a mockup at the moment (I'll post one in an edit when I find it), but basically, I need to find a GBC screen...
  18. Fruity_Grebbles

    Reggie is retiring

    Pls pay respecs F
  19. nobble

    Mini Gameboy Home Console: The Gamebox DMG Consolizer

    Here's my newest Gameboy mod! It's a Consolized DMG using Easy_VGA and a Pro Micro to enable gameplay with a NES controller. This was built based off of the info HERE. Big thanks to @seerofvoid420 for helping with the board tracings, and @Postman and uXe for helping me finalize the code. This...
  20. cfc_12

    Nintendo DSi: Showing only white bottom screen

    It's actually working. The bottom screen response to touches but no display, it just stays white. Better to replace it but to lazy to do it, so I'll just sell it Japanese Region Feel free to PM.