1. Legend

    Worklog *Question*chip sizes for case design

    Hey guys, after a lot of tinkering over time and rigorous research, im taking a crack at portables... ive done some shady things in the past like putting a screen in a wii (failed first project lol) and recently i stuck a screen in a ps2 cuz i was bored ... right now ive just been drawing up...
  2. KamenSqwirl

    Question Touch Screens without 'Touch'?

    Hihi everyone, So, Im designing my portable 64 and doing my research as I go. Ive picked a screen that I want to order, so that's covered. However... I have a Coby Kyros tablet just wasting away over here... so I have a couple questions. 1)Can I use its screen theoretically? 2)Is it ok to use...
  3. Wistarata

    Question Can't find a 7" component screen

    Hi, I'm planning on doing a portable wii, and I was making my BOM. But I searched all the fucking internet for a 7 inch ypbpr screen but the only screens I find are 150€ screens. If someone has a link please post it. Thanks
  4. 7inch screen with component?

    Does anyone know of a 7" screen with component that's easier to source than the L7009? I was going to buy one of those off of DealExtreme but when I checked the reviews for that site recently it seems like they've just been taking people's money and running with it.
  5. Beater Sword

    Question AVE and LDO relocation

    (I try to search through the forums before I ask questions.) 1.) I want to attempt the AVE relocation but I can't find if someone has done a guide. Also if it;s to do untrimmed with the another AVE still attached. 2.) As far as I know the LDO I bridge pins 1-2 for 3.3v, 3...
  6. Koksi_90

    Solved WII VGA

    Hello Community. You can now use the VGA Mod Patch from @Aurelio
  7. TheGreenPowerRanger

    Considering starting a n64 portable. Have a few questions and concerns.

    Ive always wanted to own an actual portable n64 and Its been a 5+ year dream of mine to build my own. With that said I never started it because I was afraid I would kill something but I realize I’ll never achieve my goal if I dont start. I have been slowly acquiring parts for cheap and think im...
  8. Solved Which Case method is better?

    Alright so I am extremely new to the scene and just had a quick question about case making. Which method is better and if it is better why and what are the differences/pros/cons. Vacuum forming or 3D Printing? Also if I were to 3d print would this be a good printer to use...
  9. Tech Flare

    Question AV Trouble

    Okay so I’m on my second Wii now (I accidentally fried my first one), and I’ve run into some trouble. I opted not to trim my Wii because I’m not very experienced with that type of stuff. So on to the problem: I soldered the “ground” and “composite” wires from the Wii to the “AV2” and “ground”...
  10. Kris

    Question Wii mini

    I have read all about the Wii mini and not being able to function like the Wii, but has anyone just build a Wii mini into like a portable DVD player still playing disks on it? If the leds are close enough you should be able to play games with the Wii mini in your lap? I don't know for sure but I...
  11. Kris

    What Game are you Currently Playing? (Whats up!)

    Just wondering what games everyone has been playing???? I'm stuck on BotW lol
  12. Kris

    How many?

    I posted earlier about working on some broken boards trying to get some skills down..I got overly excited and opened up my gba sp...after working with it and take it apart I went to solder some wires and I muffed stuff I'm wondering how many things have people here messed up? Maybe I...
  13. Tech Flare

    Question Video Relocation help

    okay, so I've been following along with the wii trimming guide (except for the trimming part), but when I tried soldering the video wires straight to the wii motherboard there was no video output. The screen didn't even recieve a signal! Here are some pictures (above)
  14. Tech Flare

    Solved Portable Gamecube Help - What to do with power board

    Okay so I'm making my first portable console, (a gamecube obviously) and I am not sure what I should do with the power board! So here are my questions: 1. How do I connect the battery to the power input? 2. Will the battery power button turn on power or will the power board button turn...
  15. Matthew

    Discussion N64 Noob Thread

    @Luke and I are getting really close to finishing up a guide for the N64 and I figured this would be a good way of making sure we covered all of our bases. This thread you can ask any question you want and we can either answer it or we will make sure it gets covered in our guide, if it isn't...
  16. Geliot0406

    Question Where to put GCN Isos using PortabilizeMii

    Yup, just that. I have been trying a lot and PortabilizeMii nor nintendont recognize any games. Im trying to use Melee. ALSO! where do wii games go and what do I use to launch them?