1. Mc moron mods

    Question portables that use OMEGA trims

    What portables use the OMEGA mobo trim?
  2. Bryceshaw06

    Question [HELP] Ashida has lines on bottom of display every few boots

    Hello everyone! I recently finished my Ashida, and I’m super happy with it! There's just one issue I’ve been pulling my hair out over, and I would like some advice on troubleshooting it. Every few boots (I'd say about 1 every 5) the bottom of my display will have lines appear. They are locked in...
  3. xiuvx

    Question Audio R and L and power on a wii

    Hi I'm very new to modding and stuff and want to make a portable wii could someone possibly send me a picture of a diagram with all the points of audio L and R and also power and video thanks !
  4. RDNoob26

    G-boy spare PCBs anyone?

    Hello my people, I am planning to rebuild my G-boy portable I made about 1 year ago but this time using the right tools and parts, with a more quality cooling and case in general. So I'm wondering if any of you have some spare PCB for the front and back buttons, as well as for the speakers...
  5. harutoch

    Question Help with making a portable

    Hi, I'm currently thinking of making a wii portable. I'm getting a job soon (under 18), so I plan to save up about $600 to make a portable. I have no knowledge in making a portable, but I am willing to learn. I'm attempting to make a Louii as I love the design of it. do I have to buy custom...
  6. Question Wii Motherboard Stackup

    Hi there! I'm new here so sorry if this is common knowledge but im struggling to find informaiton on it. I am aware that the 4 layer wii motherboard is doccumetned here but unless I am missing something this only...
  7. revolutionnoob43

    Recommended Soldering Iron I got lost going through some threads here and found someone explaining a good soldering iron, the Pinecil, but is it something I (anyone for that matter) should use for building a full portable? If not, what’s ideal...
  8. Project plus on RVloader

    Hi, is there a way to play project + on RVloader? My mod has a custom case and had no option but to use RVloader so I was wondering if there was a way to play it since brawbuilder seems to be incompatible with it. Yes, it's spherical. Thank you in advance.
  9. Bubberiffic

    Solved RVL-PMS Lite vs. RVL-PMS-2

    The RVL-PMS-2 just restocked on 4layertech, but before that I was just going to go with the RVL-PMS-Lite, I don't care about perfect battery life indication and the one with voltage is fine for me on the Lite version. The only other thing is the LDO on the Wii would be used instead; how...
  10. Bubberiffic

    Solved Question About RVL-PMS-LITE Wiring - See Diagram

    I am getting into making Wii portables and this is my frist one. I've been hard at work studying where to solder certain wires and more. I was just wondering, in terms of power wiring, is this correct? - Or is there some small mistakes, etc. Please let me know and I appretaite any support! I...
  11. Wii micro power switch

    Hi, so I'm pretty much done with my wii micro, but I just can't figure out how the wiring goes for the power switch, here are the ones I need to use. So, have the two cables from the regulator, and two cables from the power port, I just need to know how this goes in the middle, the only thing...
  12. Keep using the original power supply on a Wii micro

    Hi, I'm very new to this, but I got myself a memorex boomball in other words a gamesphere from Drake and Josh, and I want to put a wii inside, but I got a few things I would like to do, In this scenario keep the original power supply port since the brick fits inside and I was able to adapt it to...
  13. Tigerkev

    How to look for TFT driver board

    Heya, everyone! I'm here looking for help once again, this time I need help finding a driver/controller board for a display I think would fit my portable as I have not managed to do so myself. The screen is a 5 inch 800x480p TFT IPS screen, specifically this one. It says something about ST7262...
  14. Okiguess

    Question I have a pretty cool idea for a portable.

    It is a portable wii that looks (a bit) like a book from he outside but inside it is your typical folding wii portable. Here is a pic. should i build this (im a beginner to the modding community) or should i start with an ashida or a simpler one like that?
  15. Question Change time in RVLoader

    HI, I managed to get the RTC Chip working with it's little battery but the time isn't correct on the Wii. I didn't find any way to change the time while being in RVLoader. I know we can do it in the Wii System but I have no idea why, I'm getting a black screen when booting to the Wii main menu...
  16. PvtDerp

    Question Help with setting up Screen Control Buttons

    Hi all! I am currently drawing some schematics for a controller PCB. I would like to add screen control functionality with the buttons of the actual console, rather than having separate buttons to control the screen. How do I go about this? I am unsure of how to merge the 2 circuits together...
  17. Dozzi

    Ashida Wii Portable

    I have a question as I am currently planning everything out as a beginner to build the Ashida Wii Portable. I am wondering where to get the shell 3d printed for good quality and extra tools I may need besides the essentials. I have a $750 budget for everything (I'm willing to spend some more on...
  18. RVL PMS 2/Lite Re stock and Alternatives

    Hello Everyone! I'm hoping to attempt my first Wii portable and was looking on 4 layers to get all the parts. However, given that both PMS's are out of stock, what are my options?
  19. Okiguess

    Question Another idea

    Has anyone made a ps3 portable yet? I like it’s library of games like portal , crash bandicoot and stuff. I know about ps1 and 2 portables but just wondering.
  20. Skribl07

    Question Has anyone done a portable wii in the body of a DS or 3DS?

    I have been wondering about this for a while and finally decided to post something about it, from looking stuff up on Google and YouTube I couldn't find anything, if anyone has any information about this could you post it here. Thank You!