Question Help with setting up Screen Control Buttons

Feb 1, 2018
Hi all!

I am currently drawing some schematics for a controller PCB. I would like to add screen control functionality with the buttons of the actual console, rather than having separate buttons to control the screen. How do I go about this? I am unsure of how to merge the 2 circuits together.

I am using simple tactile switches, one side is for the PS2 controller and the other is for screen controls.
I would like to push 2 buttons together to activate the Menu Button for my screen controls.
Controller Buttons.png

This is what I have currently, but I have no Idea if this would work. I assume that adding Diodes would protect each circuit and keep them separated.

Also please excuse the crude drawing, not really sure how to draw this in Eagle and would love another person to have a look at it and provide feedback.
thx <3