2022 Summer Competition Results and Prizes


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Feb 5, 2016
With what feels like no time at all, the 2022 summer build competition has come to a close. With nearly twice as many people as last year that managed to finish and plenty more who came close to finishing. The inclusion of several PlayStation 2 portables was also great to see, giving a more broad variety of projects we haven't really seen previously.

Anyone who was unable to finish their project can reach out to @CrashBash to have their work-log thread moved to the appropriate subforum.

Prize winners:

1st place: Senox's The Slim Station

2nd place: Senor Avacado's SP Liite V2

3rd place: GingerOfOz's Get Fit

the runner-ups were MRKane in 4th, and destroyer12 taking 5th.

Competition winners will be contacted shortly along with their forum badges being created/assigned. Prizes will be picked by the winners in order of placement in the competition.

An Ender3 3D Printer (OR $225 USD) - donated by @cheese
Start/expand your 3D printing farm or take the money and put it towards another project.
$100 USD - donated by @CrashBash
Enough for a 4Layer PMS Lite and change.
$50 USD - donated by @CrashBash
Grab yourself some parts for next time around!

Our deepest thanks go to all community members, especially those that entered the competition, or even "just" voted. It's continues to be impressive how far projects advance year to year, and even more when comparing the scene to what it was in 2016. Continue being awesome everyone, looking forward to what you create next.

~ The BitBuilt Staff