Model Hoenn Region National Pokedex Gameboy


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Oct 27, 2016

These are the files for the Hoenn Region National Pokedex that I am building for the Hack Like Heck contest. I am using this to house a Raspberry Pi 3 with a 3.5" screen, but I have intentionally left out any screwposts for the pi and used very generic parts for all of the ports. The idea behind this is that anyone can (with minimal effort) put a GBA SP, RPi Zero, or any other system they want inside of it. The GBA SP screen fits pretty perfectly, as does its motherboard, in case anyone is curious ;)


The L and R buttons use the ALPS orange squishy tacts in built in brackets, while the "bottom L" and "bottom R" buttons are cosmetic only. The A and B buttons should perfectly fit GBA A and B buttons, with just enough room under them for more orange squishies.

To make this as accurate as possible to the original Pokedex, I am using a 3ds slider in place of a dpad. In my ongoing build, I am going to be using a comparator to convert the analog signals to digital, meaning that you can use the same technique on really anything with a dpad.


I owe a HUGE thanks to @Aurelio for drawing up the comparator diagram for me ages ago (I'm finally using it!) and also for making the 3ds slider holder used in this design.

It should be noted that in my final version, I removed the indents from around the Start and Select buttons because I was having trouble getting a print I was satisfied with, regardless of supports. I have included both the STL files and the Sketchup document this was drawn in so that both options are available, and you are able to modify anything you want.

v4 Screenshot 3.png

You all have permission to use this design however you want, in whatever you want. I only ask that if you improve on it, you consider sharing the new version so other people can use it too :) Happy printing!


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