Middleweight SwitchCube


Apr 7, 2020
I have an idea which I am sure many of you share, I would like a Switch lite that can actually be played in docked mode on TV. I would like to take a normal switch v2 and install it into a Switch lite sized ish uni-body. Also I thought that it could be amazing if the body's sides were shaped like Gamecube controllers so it could have good handles built in and I think the Gamecube button layout would be fun and interesting as well. However, If making a Gamcube controller shape is too much, I'm open to having the console in a simple Switch shaped form. I have no experience in modding so I am here to see if anyone or a group of people would like to take on the project as a commission. I invite you to name your price, and we can discuss the details as we make a plan for the project.

Thanks for your time, and please reply, or message me if this is something you're interested in working on