1. Madmorda

    World's Smallest Gamecube Controller

    Hey guys :) I recently finished up this tiny Gamecube controller. It was built into a keychain, and is fully functional as a gamecube controller. Parts Needed: GC+ board GameCube controller keychain 2 joysticks (254SA103B50A) 11 hard tact switches 2 squishy tacts Perfboard Magnet wire...
  2. DeoNaught

    Discussion post your Gamecube controller

    Well, I recently got done my Gamecube controller, (as done as I am now), I painted it metallic, I plan to fix the analog stick, and add leds later. I had to repaint it a couple of times, Because someone decided to touch it while it was drying -___- so I lost patience, and finished it up. I...
  3. NLG

    Question Wii Gamecube Card Ports

    Is it possible to dremel off one of the two ports for the GameCube cards on the board and keep only one? Want to make the wii board pretty flat while keeping many of the ports Thanks
  4. bayjose

    Question Teensy Micro Controller simulate Gamecube Controller

    I was wondering if anyone had any information on the data that is output over the data line of a Gamecube controller, The packet size seems to be around 85 bytes transmitted at about 13.3 - 13.5 khz. From my testing the 'A' button seems to be the 35th bite of data transmitted out every packet. I...
  5. Would anybody build a GameCube portable?

    I wanted to know if anybody would be willing to build a portable GameCube for me. I have a GameCube with cables and 2 controllers that I can send. I don’t know what’s possible but if it can be near pocketsized and without a disc drive (I’d like to have the games loadable through an SD card) that...
  6. Question No rumble after trim?

    As the title implies, I've got no rumble in my cube controller after a trim on a 4 layer board. The rumble worked before the trim and the controller is getting 5 volts so I'm not really sure what's going on here. The trim works fine as well (obviously). I have a wasp fusion installed on a cube...
  7. Bill Paxton

    GameCube Advance SP (GCA SP)

    Here is my entry into this contest. It is a "portable" Gamecube in a 3D printed case with the design heavily influenced, borrowed, and stolen from the GameBoy Advance SP. After many months on hiatus due to issues with a malfunctioning WASP Fusion, it is now complete and back to perfect working...
  8. nightrider184

    Question Intec Gamecube Screen Problem

    For some reason, this just started happening a few minutes ago, every time I turn on the screen, and then turn on my gamecube, the screen starts making a slight ticking noise and starts flashing white on the screen, with no audio or video from the gamecube. Has anyone else ever had this problem...
  9. duncan

    A GC Motherboard Like No Other?

    I found this GC motherboard but the twist is that the power supply is built in to the main board. any ideas on what i should do with it?
  10. Tech Flare

    Looking for a Gamecube mod chip to buy

    I'm looking for any gamecube mod chip to buy. If anyone has a spare mod chip, tell me which one and how much your willing to sell it for and i'll get back to you as soon as possible!
  11. Tech Flare

    Solved How do I load Gamecube Games from an SD card?

    okay so I've been researching how to load Gamecube games from an SD card onto a Gamecube so I can get rid of the bulky DVD drive, but wiikey fusions, wasp fusions, and wode jukeboxes are no longer being sold! Also I bought a Xeno GC Mod Chip, but turns out you still need the DVD drive with a...
  12. Tech Flare

    Solved Portable Gamecube Help - What to do with power board

    Okay so I'm making my first portable console, (a gamecube obviously) and I am not sure what I should do with the power board! So here are my questions: 1. How do I connect the battery to the power input? 2. Will the battery power button turn on power or will the power board button turn...
  13. Madmorda

    Wiip theme ideas?

    So as you guys know, I'm working on a wii portable that is going to look like a larger version of a ds lite. I paint and customize consoles in my spare time, and I'd like to bring that into my portable. So, I want to try and find a "theme" that fits my portable. Does anybody have any ideas? I'd...
  14. Dr._Mobo

    Question Swiss, Audio, and Bootup issues

    So I am beginning to come close to finishing my gamecube portable, but it seems that Murphy's law is in full effect- as my gamecube has developed three issues that I don't know how to fix. If anyone has any idea what is going on with any of these issues, your input would be greatly appreciated...
  15. The Next Guy

    Guide Gamecube Breakout Box

    So you are making a portable and everything is going well. Half way through you decide that you want the ability to have multiple controllers connect to your portable; oh no, you don't have any more room but for one extra port because you didn't plan it out in the beginning. Or perhaps you made...
  16. honeybun

    The Unofficial Official BitBuilt Melee Thread

    Hey friends, I've played Melee with ShockSlayer for years now and we decided we wanted to bring it to BitBuilt, potentially with a future in holding competitions, regular friendlies, etc. For those of you familiar with competitive Melee already, I use Smash Ladder for netplay practice. A...
  17. Madmorda

    Guide Xeno GC Modchip Installation Guide

    There is a lot of information out there about these Gamecube modchips, but a lot of it is incorrect. Hopefully this guide will clear some of that up. What is a Xeno GC? This modchip is a tiny chip designed to go inside a Gamecube console to allow it to read burned copies of games. It is...
  18. Madmorda

    Interact Gamecube lcd screen sound only?

    Hey guys :) I recently picked up an interact lcd screen for gamecube for cheap. When I turn it on however, I get sound but no video. I searched around and found this pinout diagram. I'm not sure what it means by...
  19. Madmorda

    Worklog Various Cosmetic Console Mods

    About a year ago, I bought a couple gamecubes for cheap and decided to paint one. It came out well the first time, so I painted the second one, and then a third, etc. I slowly started learning more and doing noncosmetic mods like leds and modchips etc (eventually leading to an interest in...
  20. Yung

    Question Noob SD Gecko Questions

    Hello, I haven't really messed around with SD gecko's, home-brew or emulators on the gamecube before. I would really like to include it in my portable to play some old school classics :) I have a couple of questions hoping someone can help. Ashen has a guide to wire up the SD Gecko but could I...