1. meepledemeep

    Question RVLoader cIOS issues

    I’ve been having problems with what seems to be the cIOS’s after having finished my portable. Not only can I not access the System menu hacks from priiloader, but applications such as SaveGame Manager GX don’t even work. I tried reinstalling the cIOS’s with a WAD manager (yes I know how dumb...
  2. Bubberiffic

    Guide Constant Corruption & Crashes in RVLoader

    Myself and @zwolf64 were encountering issues with RVLoader corruption with Hiidra, etc. After rewiring the USB multiple times on Trimmed Wiis it still wouldn't work. Results of data corruption are posted below. We were both using the SanDisk Ultra Fit 3.1 (128 & 256GB variants) and both on...
  3. san_dingus

    Will RVLoader run from the micro SD on a PMS PD 3?

    I already posted about this in the welcome thread, but I doubt that will be seen by the people it's aimed at, so - AFAIK, RVLoader doesn't work from an SD card, but the PMS PD 3 board only supports a micro SD card. It does mention that the SD card then shows up as a USB drive on your PC if you...
  4. xiuvx

    Question Is there a video / step by step Guide on installing rv loader

    Hi I'm a little confused on how to install rv loader I've already installed homebrew channel and I'm attempting to install rv loader with a usb stick and it doesn't seem to be working , This is like only my 3rd time trying to install something like this is there possibly a step by step guide of...
  5. xiuvx

    Question Will my wii boot if i remove the disc drive

    I'm building a portable wii and I was wondering if I fully remove the disc drive will my wii still boot if I download homebrew channel and rv loader ? (I'm not Trimming the motherboard btw)
  6. Syth


    Hey all! ^_^ I am trying to install RVLoader but i am having issues. I have been using the Kingston SD reader with a Sandisk micro sd card in it and was able to install the USBLoader app on the homebrew channel but RV does not show as an option. I also tried using a Sandisk flash drive but same...
  7. creedof69

    Question Gc2Wiimote with CC GameCube adapter

    Hello everyone, I use a regular Wii, not portable, and use GC2Wiimote to play Wii games (incompatible with GCC) with a controller without the need of charging a dead wiimote battery because didn't turn the Wii on for 2 years.. So I was wondering if I bought a Classic/Pro controller adapter for...
  8. Project plus on RVloader

    Hi, is there a way to play project + on RVloader? My mod has a custom case and had no option but to use RVloader so I was wondering if there was a way to play it since brawbuilder seems to be incompatible with it. Yes, it's spherical. Thank you in advance.
  9. Question Trying to get RVLoader to run, but my Wii keeps sending me "exception dsi occurred". how do I fix this

    I am trying to make a portable Wii as a senior project for highschool, but I keep getting this error message. I have tried a usb drive and a micro sd card reader and both of them haven't worked. I used letterbomb to get Homebrew and BootMii installed, and I got RVLoader from the link here at Bit...
  10. issue with GC+ in Wii games

    I am using a GBoy Rev3. Gamecube games work perfectly, and the button tester shows the controller working fine. Virtual console and Wii titles exhibit strange controller behaviors in games that support gamecube controls, even when GC2Wiimote is disabled in the per-game configuration menu. The...
  11. Question Hiidra source code

    From the RVLoader 1.6 thread, Aurelio-sama said he would release the source code for Hiidra. I've poured over the repo and couldn't find it anywhere. At the moment I'm mostly interested in figuring out what black magic lets the GC2Wiimote hack work and reviewing the space of possibilities for...
  12. Cap’nPhineas

    Question How to access the stock wii menu from RVLoader?

    I’m going to mod my home wii with RVLoader for easier access of games, but I love the default vanilla wii menu and I want to still access it both on my home wii and my portables. How can I do this?
  13. MJMT

    Solved SNES support RVloader

    I saw a tab in the RVloader that looked like an SNES controller. Does that mean it supports SNES games? If so, what folder do they go in and what format should the ROMs be in?
  14. TopatoJoe

    RVLoader (1-1.5) Theme File Error

    Hey there! I was just installing RVloader on the Wii and it will not load a theme file, I tried adding it but it still doesn't load it. I have heard it is related to Sandisk drives, of which mine is, here is a link to the drive: 64GB Nintendont works fine, it's just BBloader and RVloader that...
  15. Question Usb doesn't work

    Usb stopped working after desoldering and resoldering the wires, tried CM1 and CM2. even tried soldering from different points as shown in the trimming guide. i can see a signal like this on the scope: ____________________________ | | _| but RVloader says it cannot initialize fat fs.
  16. Question Switching from BBloader to RVloader without a gamecube controller

    So I have bbloader installed on my Wii, and I want to switch to RVloader, but I don't have a gamecube controller. Also, I lost the usb I installed bbloader on so I most likely need a new one. What is the procedure I need to follow?
  17. cy

    Mario Themes For RVLoader

    With a bit of work I've put together some new themes for RVLoader! I decided to make some Mario themes this time as I think more people will enjoy these. I've currently only made 5 Super Mario Galaxy themes(again reusing assets once the base ones were created) but I plan to make/release more...
  18. cy

    Anime themes for RVLoader

    Recently I've gotten to work on making themes for RVLoader, with help from @Aurelio of course! The first idea I had for a theme was a Steins;Gate theme. I have other Nintendo related themes that are coming - but hopefully for now, this will quench the thirst people seem to have for custom...